System Consultancy
Information technologies

System Consultancy

System Consultancy is a professional service that produces IT solutions that intersect with our clients' business plans and problems to meet their needs by integrating the differences between their existing and desired IT systems and structures. Additionally, our expertise includes auditing of IT systems and structures to ensure compliance with national and international standards.

Our System Consultancy services are categorized as follows:

  • System Consultancy
  • Network and Security Consultancy
  • Application and Database Consultancy
  • Process Consultancy
  • Disaster Recovery Consultancy
  • Maintenance, support, operation, and management services for all service sub-components other than Consultancy Services are out of scope.

In System Consultancy, we offer security and audit system solutions customized to your requirements to meet your valuable customers' demands in a professional manner. As the Vplus family, we work harder every day to meet your desires and wishes as an innovative and leading company in the industry.

Our successful and professional team provides the best and most accurate service to you. Our experts apply industry-specific knowledge, best practices, and the most effective project management tools to provide innovative solutions. Our System Consultancy team has experience in variable technological projects for corporate solutions of all sizes. In addition, our project management experts and certified engineers are qualified and experienced in managing and shaping any project.

Whether you need professional services or need a partner to manage the entire project's specific steps, our System Consultancy team has the expertise and experience to create a solution that meets your business needs.

System Consultancy services meet your needs with a wide range of offerings, from planning, design, product installation, and advanced configuration to post-sales advanced maintenance and managed services.

In System Consultancy, we focus on automating, standardizing, and optimizing infrastructure, data centers, and business continuity. This helps you reduce costs and risks for your business through software independence and industry-leading solutions. Additionally, System Consultancy strives to provide the highest level of security and management while reducing costs to achieve your business goals.