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Big Data is data that exceeds the capacity of traditional database systems. Today, data is too large, too diverse, and too fast-moving to fit into the infrastructure of traditional database systems.

In short, Big Data is data that is too large and complex to be managed, stored, or analyzed with traditional software. Therefore, we need to resort to alternative ways. This is where Big Data comes in.

In Big Data solutions, we offer solutions according to our customers' needs.

In addition to storing and managing big data, predicting consumer trends dynamically, analyzing big data, and acting on these analyses is the key. Big Data is a term that includes many issues such as the creation, storage, flow, and analysis of this large data, which is difficult to process with traditional database tools and algorithms. Data is not only too large for traditional databases to handle, but also growing too fast for a single computer or data storage unit to keep up. In 2012, the world produced 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. The entire process of working with this data, such as processing and transferring large data, is called Big Data.

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Detailed Information

Big Data is based on generating, storing, pulling, and analyzing data.

These can be grouped under three headings:

Volume, Velocity, and Variety


Today, an ordinary PC stores data between 500 GB and 1 TB. About 500 TB of data is generated on Facebook every day. A single flight generates about 250 TB of flight data. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and they constantly generate social media data (video, photos). In addition, embedded sensors are found in many devices, and they generate a lot of data such as environment and location information every second. Considering all these, it is not difficult to estimate the size of data.


Undoubtedly, the place where speed is most important to us is the stock market. The market is highly variable and fluid. Data can change several times per second. It is very important for the market to carry these changes simultaneously. The situation is no different in the entertainment sector. In today's online games, millions of players transfer a lot of data to the system simultaneously. Therefore, speed is critical.


Data can be in many different types. Not all types of data work with the same efficiency/performance on a single type of database. Video and image data perform better on different database environments, while text-based files perform better on different databases. Therefore, it is necessary to consider data diversity in processing big data. Big Data technologies enable different types of data to work in the most suitable databases and save us time.

One of the most important issues in big data is the ability to analyze data. Previously, we generally analyzed data by sampling. However, Big Data allows us to analyze all of the data in a process called "data mining." This way, we can extract useful information and insights that we cannot obtain with traditional database tools.