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Mobile Solutions

V+ mobile solutions are developed to enable our customers to securely access all their corporate resources anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device they want. They can be developed for almost any type of smartphone, computer, tablet, or mobile device used by companies, especially those that support iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android technologies.

Mobile Solutions provides data flows between business units, operational processes, and device management using the most secure technology standards.

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V+ offers service with the following brand, product, and partnership in virtualization solutions:

Detailed Information

As a result of the continuous and rapid increase in information, the need for quick access to information has also increased. Quick access to information has become a necessity for companies in an environment of increasing competition. In order for companies to gain an advantage over each other, it is important for them to have faster access to information. Nowadays, companies are aware of this situation and they meet their needs with mobile devices. For example, it is important for a company employee to access information sent via e-mail when they are outside the company and to react quickly for the benefit of the company.

Managing devices that access information is just as important as accessing information. The need for applications necessary for companies to manage their mobility needs is increasing in proportion to their needs. In order for employees to securely access company resources from anywhere at any time, the solutions they use must be compatible with the systems they use. It is very important that the solution selected works with the mobile devices used.

In addition to your needs such as managing and securing mobile products, V+ can also provide consultancy, maintenance, and management services. You can contact us for detailed information and requests.