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Data Center Solutions

As V+, we offer data center products and services that your organization will need, from the planning stage to the design, implementation, and management components, to guide you towards the most accurate structure.

When organizations first started using information technology, they tried to manage their processes with just a few computers, air conditioning, and cabling in a small data room. However, as the volume and importance of information and its users increased in the rapidly growing and unpredictable IT sector, these data rooms, which were not sufficient, were replaced by "Data Centers." Due to their complex structures and high reliability requirements, it is important for experienced teams to carry out data center installation and management. As V+, we offer you our data center services and solutions with our experience and knowledge in this field.

Our Data Center Solution and Service Components:

Data Center Design Consultancy Services
• Physical Infrastructure Planning and Design
• Data Center Power Infrastructure Planning and Design
• Data Center Climate Infrastructure Planning and Design
• Data Center Project Management
• Communication Infrastructure Planning and Design
• Security and Monitoring System Design

Data Center Analysis, Optimization, and Consultancy Services
• Analysis of UPS and Air Conditioning Power Consumption
• Analysis of Cooling Capacities and IT Load Analysis
• Cabinet and Cabling Design Analysis
• Analysis of System Room Monitoring and Security