Emergency Services Consulting
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Emergency Services Consulting

Emergencies happen, and creating a comprehensive recovery plan is complex. Even if you've identified critical systems and sent data to secure, off-site locations, do you know how to retrieve and restore that information when you need it?

Our technology-agnostic approach and years of experience across various sectors and company sizes enable us to create effective plans and processes based on the best recovery practices and specific needs of your business in the worst-case scenarios, to help you remain operational and recover quickly.

With the widespread adoption of IT, many organizations can be left in a state of serious consequences in the event of even the smallest disruption to their IT services. Vplus provides expert guidance and hands-on assistance to help organizations maximize their capacity to limit the effects of an interruption.

At Vplus, we help customers manage risk and achieve operational flexibility through our BT Disaster Recovery programs based on risk management principles, emergency management policies, regulatory directives, and, most importantly, proven best practices and practical experience. Our services cover all the critical components necessary for disaster recovery and provide you with all the necessary services you need.

Under our Emergency Services consulting, we will develop plans and procedures to recover your critical IT infrastructure, applications, and data in the event of an interruption. If you take advantage of our services, we will be ready to use our understanding of your business and infrastructure to get you back online quickly. From system and data recovery to restoration management and equipment procurement, we offer everything you need to ensure you are covered in the worst-case scenario.