Lighting Automation Systems
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Lighting Automation Systems

Lighting automation systems are systems that provide the lighting of a building through remote control or smart lighting. The primary aim of lighting automation systems is to achieve energy savings in the area where they are used. It is well known that businesses need to focus on such savings, and lighting automation systems play an important role in achieving these savings.

At Vplus, we offer innovative lighting control solutions that automatically activate and adjust the lighting to the individual needs of each area. We design and develop special lighting solutions that maximize energy efficiency and productivity for businesses and building occupants. Lighting automation systems can be controlled by wired or wireless lighting controls that adjust the brightness based on daylight levels from sensors. Facility energy efficiency can be maximized by integrating it into a corporate facility automation system. Our scalable wireless self-powered battery-less lighting control systems eliminate costly hardware installation and greatly reduce application and maintenance costs. Our wireless systems offer sensor location flexibility and can be easily repositioned when needed. We also offer wired broad area lighting solutions to perform region-based lighting control.

Lighting automation systems can be integrated with smart home systems or operate independently of smart home systems.

Lighting automation systems are used in almost every area today, but are generally used more in business areas. The main places where lighting automation systems are used are:

  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls
  • Offices
  • Business centers
  • Schools
  • Public buildings

Lighting is one of the most important parts of our daily lives. At Vplus, we work every day to illuminate your life. We follow innovative systems to offer you better and more savings in lighting automation systems. You can get support from Vplus' expert and experienced team to use more savings and clean energy in your homes and workplaces.