Barrier Systems
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Barrier Systems

Barrier systems are the fastest and most effective solution method used to prevent uncontrolled and unwanted entries. By using barrier systems in areas where controlled vehicle entry and exit is desired, you can take measures for the safety of people and goods. In addition, barrier systems are used for fee control in areas such as parking lots and shopping center entrances.

Barrier systems can be produced to operate with license plate recognition system, OGS, fast pass system (RFID), card access, manual button and remote control. Thus, authorized vehicles or entering vehicles can be kept under control by learning the license plate.

Barrier systems can be produced in different sizes. Barrier systems, which are produced in lengths of 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters, can be opened and closed when desired. Barrier systems are used almost everywhere in our daily lives. Barrier systems are used in our residences, workplaces, shopping malls, etc. Stainless steel body and electrostatic paint are used in barrier systems. Their prices vary according to their functionality.

The opening and closing times of barrier systems generally vary according to the length of the arm. Systems generally open and close between 1-6 seconds. In case of a possible power outage, the system can be opened and closed manually.

There are many different barrier systems. The main examples are manual parking barrier, hydraulic road block, hydraulic bollard barrier system and manual parking barrier.

At Vplus, we are happy to provide you with the most suitable barrier systems for your needs with our expert team. The most suitable system for you will be determined with the preliminary work to be done in the area where barrier systems are needed. Then, the system will be delivered to you smoothly.

For more detailed information about barrier systems, you can visit our offices on both sides of Istanbul or contact our support line.